Medical treatment abroad after accident

You have a right to arrange a medical treatment abroad when you suffered an injury in Ireland. It is however worth to remember the following:

  • We recommend that you consult your travel for medical treatment with your GP family doctor before you go. It will help to avoid potential problems with your employer in relation to production of medical certificates and your local doctor knowledge of your whereabouts.
  • We recommend that all type of diagnostics: blood tests, x-ray’s MRI scans, ultra sound scans, any other diagnostics are done with your treating doctor referral (GP or consultant). If you fail to do so you risk that your diagnostics (and real extent of your injury) will be questioned by the insurance company dealing with your claim (or their solicitors. You shall arrange referral even if abroad it is possible to have, for example MRI scan without referral if you are doing in privately.
  • We advice that all specialist visits: orthopedic, pain specialist, surgeon, neurologist are done only upon your GP, family doctor referral. It is again very important to have referral letter even if in your home country it is possible to have private consultant visit without such referral. That will help to avoid allegations that you are self-referring yourself or self-treating yourself. We can provide professional advice how to avoid such situations

EU Regulations allow, after fulfilling some criteria, to get e refund for particular medical procedures performed in another EU country. Our clients were able to obtain medical treatment (back surgery disc prolapse, knee surgery) faster in another EU country and subsequently were refunded the cost of same by Irish HSE. We can guide you how to apply for the refund.