If someone has suffered an injury and believes they are entitled to compensation, they can submit a claim to PIAB.  The steps to claim compensation are as follows:

Step One

Fill out a claim application form along with a copy of your medical report and processing fee. For claim forms submitted by post or email the processing fee is €90. For applications using the online form the fee is €45.

Step Two

Respondent (the person or organisation who you are claiming against) receives notification of your claim from PIAB.

Step Three

Respondent, usually represented by an insurance company, agrees to the assessment of your claim by PIAB. The majority of respondents agree to this.

Step Four

PIAB may arrange an independent medical examination on your behalf.

Step Five

PIAB assess the amount of compensation (monetary value of your claim).

Step Six

Claimant and respondent both accept the amount of compensation. Respondent issues settlement cheque.

  • If the respondent does not agree to a claim being assessed by PIAB, the claimant is issued with an authorisation to take their claim through the court system should they so wish. Authorisation from PIAB is required.
  • If either of the parties rejects the assessment by PIAB, then the process is that PIAB issues an authorisation which allows the claimant to take their claim through the court system should they so wish.