Temporary Changes to Redundancy Payments Act

Many businesses have been forced to lay off staff or reduce their working hours temporarily during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Current regulation

Considering the current situation, the law on claiming redundancy from your employer if you have been temporarily laid off, or temporarily put on short-time work was changed during the COVID-19 emergency period. Normally, if you are laid off or put on short-time hours, you could claim redundancy from your employer after 4 weeks or more, or 6 weeks in the last 13 weeks. Read more “Temporary Changes to Redundancy Payments Act”

When you are asked not to come to work during COVID-19 (Coronawirus)


When employee is asked not to come to work as the employer is unable to provide work for you, does not have sufficient work for everybody or is temporarily closing down or is forced to close for a period of time, such a period is called a lay-off.

Employer is allowed to lay-off employee according to the Redundancy Payments Acts 1967–2014. The regulation however provides that the believe must be that this is a temporary situation and you must be notified of the lay-off before work finishes.

Read more “When you are asked not to come to work during COVID-19 (Coronawirus)”