Personal Injury on Aircraft – definition of accident

Main Issue

The preliminary ruling under Article 267 TFEU to the Austrian Supreme Court provided clarification of what constitutes an accident triggering liability on the part of the air carrier under Article 17(1) of the Montreal Convention. The Convention sets out common rules relating to the international carriage of passengers, luggage and cargo by aircraft. Read more “Personal Injury on Aircraft – definition of accident”

Temporary Changes to Redundancy Payments Act

Many businesses have been forced to lay off staff or reduce their working hours temporarily during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Current regulation

Considering the current situation, the law on claiming redundancy from your employer if you have been temporarily laid off, or temporarily put on short-time work was changed during the COVID-19 emergency period. Normally, if you are laid off or put on short-time hours, you could claim redundancy from your employer after 4 weeks or more, or 6 weeks in the last 13 weeks. Read more “Temporary Changes to Redundancy Payments Act”

Unfair dismissal- obligation to mitigate your losses

Duty on dismissed employee

A recent decision of the WRC has highlighted the strict obligation on Complainants to mitigate financial loss following the end of their employment, even where the reasons for termination are in dispute.
For example, where an individuals’ employment ends, by way of alleged unfair or constructive dismissal and they have submitted a Complaint to the WRC, they should not wait until the outcome of hearing to seek new employment.

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